First Event – Transformational for the Mentor

Today Life Changers 180’s had their first 1-day event! We started the company on July 5th, 2015. Here it is Oct 3rd and launching our first 1-day event called “Turning Unattainable Dreams into Attainable Goals”. None of this could have happened without an amazing, supportive, and talented team. What a day! There were laughs, dancing, music, reflection, light bulb moments, and tears. I’m proud to be part of this company. I look forward to riding the journey to success.

Beyond all our successes, I was humbled today. I realized that when I don’t share my story it’s easy to forget the adversity I had to overcome in my life. I foolishly take my journey for granted. I brush off the incredible superpowers I needed to be the strength and light for my daughter. Then I speak at an event like this and realize how my story inspires others to accomplish their life long dreams.

For the first time today, I shared the moments leading up to telling my 10 year old daughter that her father was in jail. It was hard keeping the tears away. The entire audience was emotionally with me. This is a hard spot to be as a public speaker. I can usually hold it back just enough and center myself on the side of not losing it. I share this story all the time in casual conversation, but the transformational energy of the audience changed everything. I saw tears in their eyes as I unfolded the events. The audience helped me realize how hard that moment was for me. I wasn’t filled with emotions for my daughter. By standing in front of the audience, it was the first time I realized how much courage and strength I had to have in order to be a pillar of strength for my daughter. Her world was crumbling before her eyes. I couldn’t let her see me crumble. I had to be there for her in a way that I wasn’t ready for. Life threw me an impossible situation and I perservered. Somehow I dug deep, deeper then I have ever dug before and found my superpower; strength. I am forever grateful to the audience. They made it a transformational day for the mentor.

One of my partners shared a quote with me last night and I think it fits perfectly.

Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm.” And the warrior whispers back, “I am the storm!”

I am a warrior! Bring on life!


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