Entrepreneur, Life Changer, violinist, martial artist, and single mom, Robin Strempek was born in California. Her childhood was filled with fond memories of traveling around the USA with her family from airbase to airbase. She lived in California, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and eventually settled in Maryland at the age of 14.

Robin started playing violin in the 4th grade and developed a passion early on for the violin. Her passion intensified throughout high school, and she decided to pursue a career as a violinist and music educator. Robin auditioned for numerous universities and received full scholarships to several.

After completing her undergraduate studies, she landed a job as a full time Orchestra Director with nearly 250 orchestra students. Under her leadership, the orchestras had opportunities to perform several times on tour throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Iceland. She also enriched the students by providing performance opportunities in various competitions, performance venues, and coaching sessions by professional musicians.

During her career as a music educator, Robin was the first Maryland Orchestra Director to earn the title National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) in Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood (EAYA/Music), was President of the state orchestra board, managed several orchestras, performed in community orchestras and quartets, guest conducted, judged orchestra competitions, and mentored other orchestra directors throughout the country.

After 7 years as a music educator and shortly after earning her Masters degree in Music Education, Robin had to make a tough choice in her life. She left her education career and started an IT career with the federal government. Robin entered under the Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP) as a Systems Analyst and quickly moved up the ranks to become an IT manager.

The major change in careers came at a time in her life when her marriage was failing. She needed to change the destiny of her and her daughter’s future. Robin was dealing with her husband’s prescription narcotic addiction problem. Here she recounts the night she decided to take control of her life:

“My husband was sleeping downstairs, like he had been doing for nearly 2 years. I was sound asleep in my room. Around 6:00am I was awakened by a loud knock on my bedroom door. It was the Sheriff, and he apologetically said “Sorry ma’am. We’re going to have to take your husband downtown.” At this point I was fed up with his irresponsible behavior and didn’t care where he was going or why. I quick wittedly responded to the Sheriff “Take him and don’t ever bring him back!”

After the Sheriff left my room and headed downstairs, I ran over to our daughter’s room to see if she was still asleep. I peeked into her bedroom and thankfully, she was fast asleep. I quietly closed her door, held the knob tightly, sank to the floor, and started to cry. I vividly remember thinking “This wasn’t how I imagined my life would be.”

Something snapped. While protecting my daughter’s door, I decided I would never let someone else or something else control my destiny ever again. I would control my life story from this moment. Only I could be responsible for my life outcomes. The next morning I called my lawyer and put into place an exit plan for the following weekend. I’ve never looked back and have provided the kind of life I’m destined to live and the kind of life my daughter deserves to live.”

Robin left her husband and made other dreams that week. She had dreams to live a healthier life style, fix her financial situation, pursue martial arts, and start to develop her public speaking skills. She put into place the seven steps to success and lost 90 lbs. in 18 months and has kept it off, increased her credit score by 333 points in 12 months, earned her black belt in Tang Soo Do while competing all around the country, and has an opportunity to inspire other people through her story.

Recently, Robin joined two other businessmen, Bob Dudley and Eric Williamson, to launch Life Changers 180, LLC. This company believes in helping people reach their dreams. At the companies core they believe everyone has the right to pursue their dreams and to reach their full potential.


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